08 May 2012

Some People Have Pure Custard Between Their Ears

When it comes to climate change, I consider myself to be pretty agnostic.  I personally believe that there is insufficient data to draw an accurate conclusion as to whether mankind is actually destroying the environment or that we are possibly in an unknown period following the last ice age (20,000 or so years ago), or indeed a myriad of other reasons.

Despite this, I think neither side has acquitted themselves well.  There has been Climategate (although subsequent reviews have since found that although the methodology was flawed, the findings were correct - eh?) and the ignoring of data that did not support the climate change theories, but all of this pales to insignificance with the latest actions from the skeptics.   Heartland (an organisation in the US that I refuse to link to) ran advertising campaign in Chicago that beggared belief.  Rather than apologise for this disgrace, they claimed it a success. The global campaign group, Avaaz are now running a campaign to encourage their corporate sponsors to abandon them - hopefully this will be successful.

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