22 May 2007

We're off!

After getting home tonight, I found an envelope from the FA. After ripping it open, I found it contained the expected tickets to England's game against Brazil. The picture on the right shows where we will be sitting; although it's right at the back, it's the very first of the rows and apparently all seats have great views. I think I will be taking the camera along.
It's unfortunate that it will not be the first official game of the new Wembley; that distinction was taken by the FA cup final last week. At least if it was the England/Brazil, it would not have been quite so boring a match. There is nothing less interesting to watch than two teams working to cancel each other out on the pitch.
I think most neutrals were hoping for a Man U win, I however was quite happy that Chelsea won it. There is something appropriate that the FA cup is held for the first time in the new Wembley by the English captain. But as one of the guys at work said, I am a bit of a sentimentalist.

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